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IMG Toolkit

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This section is sourced from this site: http://www-ccs.ucsd.edu/matlab/toolbox/images/hrefered.html

This chapter provides detailed descriptions of the functions in the Image Processing Toolbox. It begins with a list of functions grouped by subject area and continues with the reference entries in alphabetical order. The list of functions includes all functions in the Image Processing Toolbox itself, plus a few functions in MATLAB that are especially useful for image processing. All of the functions listed have reference entries, with these exceptions:

  • The MATLAB functions image, imagesc, and interp2. For information about these functions, see the online MATLAB Function Reference.
  • The Image Processing Toolbox demo functions and slideshow functions. For information about any of these functions, run the demo or slideshow and click the Info button.

Image Display
colorbar Display colorbar (MATLAB)
getimage Get image data from axes
image Create and display image object (MATLAB)
imagesc Scale data and display as image (MATLAB)
immovie Make movie from multiframe indexed image
imshow Display image
montage Display multiple image frames as rectangular montage
subimage Display multiple images in single figure
truesize Adjust display size of image
warp Display image as texture-mapped surface
zoom Zoom in and out of image or 2-D plot (MATLAB)

Image File I/O
imfinfo Return information about image file (MATLAB)
imread Read image file (MATLAB)
imwrite Write image file (MATLAB)

Geometric Operations
imcrop Crop image
imresize Resize image
imrotate Rotate image
interp2 2-D data interpolation (MATLAB)

Pixel Values and Statistics
corr2 Compute 2-D correlation coefficient
imcontour Create contour plot of image data
imfeature Compute feature measurements for image regions
imhist Display histogram of image data
impixel Determine pixel color values
improfile Compute pixel-value cross-sections along line segments
mean2 Compute mean of matrix elements
pixval Display information about image pixels
std2 Compute standard deviation of matrix elements

Image Analysis
edge Find edges in intensity image
qtdecomp Perform quadtree decomposition
qtgetblk Get block values in quadtree decomposition
qtsetblk Set block values in quadtree decomposition

Image Enhancement
histeq Enhance contrast using histogram equalization
imadjust Adjust image intensity values or colormap
imnoise Add noise to an image
medfilt2 Perform 2-D median filtering
ordfilt2 Perform 2-D order-statistic filtering
wiener2 Perform 2-D adaptive noise-removal filtering

Linear Filtering
conv2 Perform 2-D convolution (MATLAB)
convmtx2 Compute 2-D convolution matrix
convn Perform N-D convolution (MATLAB)
filter2 Perform 2-D filtering (MATLAB)
fspecial Create predefined filters

Linear 2-D Filter Design
freqspace Determine 2-D frequency response spacing (MATLAB)
freqz2 Compute 2-D frequency response
fsamp2 Design 2-D FIR filter using frequency sampling
ftrans2 Design 2-D FIR filter using frequency transformation
fwind1 Design 2-D FIR filter using 1-D window method
fwind2 Design 2-D FIR filter using 2-D window method

Image Transforms
dct2 Compute 2-D discrete cosine transform
dctmtx Compute discrete cosine transform matrix
fft2 Compute 2-D fast Fourier transform (MATLAB)
fftn Compute N-D fast Fourier transform (MATLAB)
fftshift Reverse quadrants of output of FFT (MATLAB)
idct2 Compute 2-D inverse discrete cosine transform
ifft2 Compute 2-D inverse fast Fourier transform (MATLAB)
ifftn Compute N-D inverse fast Fourier transform (MATLAB)
iradon Compute inverse Radon transform
phantom Generate a head phantom image
radon Compute Radon transform

Neighborhood and Block Processing
bestblk Choose block size for block processing
blkproc Implement distinct block processing for image
col2im Rearrange matrix columns into blocks
colfilt Perform neighborhood operations using columnwise functions
im2col Rearrange image blocks into columns
nlfilter Perform general sliding-neighborhood operations

Binary Image Operations
applylut Perform neighborhood operations using lookup tables
bwarea Compute area of objects in binary image
bweuler Compute Euler number of binary image
bwfill Fill background regions in binary image
bwlabel Label connected components in binary image
bwmorph Perform morphological operations on binary image
bwperim Determine perimeter of objects in binary image
bwselect Select objects in binary image
dilate Perform dilation on binary image
erode Perform erosion on binary image
makelut Construct lookup table for use with applylut

Region-Based Processing
roicolor Select region of interest, based on color
roifill Smoothly interpolate within arbitrary region
roifilt2 Filter a region of interest
roipoly Select polygonal region of interest

Colormap Manipulation
brighten Brighten or darken colormap (MATLAB)
cmpermute Rearrange colors in colormap
cmunique Find unique colormap colors and corresponding image
colormap Set or get color lookup table (MATLAB)
imapprox Approximate indexed image by one with fewer colors
rgbplot Plot RGB colormap components (MATLAB)

Color Space Conversions
hsv2rgb Convert HSV values to RGB color space (MATLAB)
ntsc2rgb Convert NTSC values to RGB color space
rgb2hsv Convert RGB values to HSV color space (MATLAB)
rgb2ntsc Convert RGB values to NTSC color space
rgb2ycbcr Convert RGB values to YCbCr color space
ycbcr2rgb Convert YCbCr values to RGB color space

Image Types and Type Conversions
dither Convert image using dithering
gray2ind Convert intensity image to indexed image
grayslice Create indexed image from intensity image by thresholding
im2bw Convert image to binary image by thresholding
im2double Convert image array to double precision
im2uint8 Convert image array to 8-bit unsigned integers
im2uint16 Convert image array to 16-bit unsigned integers
ind2gray Convert indexed image to intensity image
ind2rgb Convert indexed image to RGB image
isbw Return true for binary image
isgray Return true for intensity image
isind Return true for indexed image
isrgb Return true for RGB image
mat2gray Convert matrix to intensity image
rgb2gray Convert RGB image or colormap to grayscale
rgb2ind Convert RGB image to indexed image

Toolbox Preferences
iptgetpref Get value of Image Processing Toolbox preference
iptsetpref Set value of Image Processing Toolbox preference

dctdemo 2-D DCT image compression demo
edgedemo Edge detection demo
firdemo 2-D FIR filtering and filter design demo
imadjdemo Intensity adjustment and histogram equalization demo
nrfiltdemo Noise reduction filtering demo
qtdemo Quadtree decomposition demo
roidemo Region-of-interest processing demo

Slide Shows
ipss001 Region labeling of steel grains
ipss002 Feature-based logic
ipss003 Correction of nonuniform illumination

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