Feb 07 2008

Excellent Source Code Diff and Merge Tool

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WinMerge  is one of the best Sourcecode compare  and Merge tool i have used. Over the years, i have used several tools and the one i really like is from clearcase. But as you know, that tool is very expensive and it can be used only with Clearcase SCM.  But of the free tools available, i would say WinMerge is the best i have used so far. I would say it is better then some Diff&Merge tools that comes along with commercial SCM packages like Visual SourceSafe, Perforce etc.

WinMerge Folder Diff tool is very useful and can produce reports in CSV,tab de-limted , HTML and XML format. This serves as the merge documentation for later reference. Its File Diff and Merge tool is also very user friendly and provides several Merge operations.

I would highly recommend WinMerge to anyone who has to do a lot of merging which is typical of large scale Software development.

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