Mar 14 2009

Strong Password Generator & Verification Tools

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Strong passwords are paramount if you have to protect your online resources from being accessed by bad guys. However, you may not be sure if the password you use is strong enough. To check the strength of your password, please use the Microsoft Password Strength Checker.  Enter your password, and the site offers immediate feedback on the strength of the password. I would recommend if your password is weak, then try until you get something you can remember and as well strong.

Actually, it is not that difficult to choose something you can remember and at the same time it is strong. In general a strong password should be at least 8 characters wide and should be a combination of  small letters, capital letters, numbers and one of  printable special characters like [email protected]#$%^&*()_+ …

One way to generate a strong password and yet easy to remember is to follow the below methodology.

Choose a name that you can remember. Lets us choose justin

Let us create a 9 character password using “justin” as the core

In unix world, ^ stands for beginning of a word/line, $ stands for the end of word/line

So first morphing of justin is ^justin$

Now we need to add at least  a capital letter. Let us choose “s” in “justin” to be capital letter.

So the second morphing is ^juStin$

Now we need to add at least a number. lets count the position of letter “s” in the word “justin”. it is in the 3 rd position. Please not in previous line we capitalized character “s”.  This is in a way helps your brain to remember that 3 rd character in the word “justin” needs to be captilized.

so the third morphing is ^ju3Stin$

This is good enough. Microsoft Password strength checker shows this as STRONG password. To make it even stronger, you need to increase the length to 14 characters and above.

If you are too lazy to generate your own strong password

Then you can use to create a strong password. But, it is not easy to rembember the password generated by this site.

If you really want a super strong password, then you cant beat GRC’s password generator.  This site is recommended if you are looking for a Wifi WPA pre-shared key.

Also, you can use one of the free tools available in the Net. Please be aware of any downloadable tools as it may be infested with spyware, adware or malwares.

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