Jan 18 2009

htpasswd executable for Nginx running on Debian

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You need htpasswd executable for enabling password protection in Nginx webserver. Mod_Auth is a core module of Nginx webserver. But it does not come with a htpasswd equivalent tool. Normally people use the htpasswd provided by Apache webserver. If you have not installed apache then chances are that you dont have these tool. I did not have this tool and my search on the internet did not yeild this executable.

So I am sharing the htpasswd executable that I  built on a Debian 4.1 (X86) machine. If you are unable to execute this  on your platform then you need to build from the source.  You can download Apache 2.2 source from this link, from which I built the htpasswd executable.

To build htpasswd executable.

Download and untar the Apache source.

cd httpd2.2.11/support ( htpasswd is in this directory )

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  • FYI and since I got to this site today as a top google search for htpasswd for nginx, if you are running a debian variant (like Ubuntu) you can just say:

    apt-get install apache2-utils