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Feb 07 2008

Excellent Source Code Diff and Merge Tool

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WinMerge  is one of the best Sourcecode compare  and Merge tool i have used. Over the years, i have used several tools and the one i really like is from clearcase. But as you know, that tool is very expensive and it can be used only with Clearcase SCM.  But of the free tools available, i would say WinMerge is the best i have used so far. I would say it is better then some Diff&Merge tools that comes along with commercial SCM packages like Visual SourceSafe, Perforce etc.

WinMerge Folder Diff tool is very useful and can produce reports in CSV,tab de-limted , HTML and XML format. This serves as the merge documentation for later reference. Its File Diff and Merge tool is also very user friendly and provides several Merge operations.

I would highly recommend WinMerge to anyone who has to do a lot of merging which is typical of large scale Software development.

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Feb 01 2008

An excellent site for Software Patterns, Antipatterns and Refactoring

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One of the best sites i have ever found on Software patterns, anti patterns and refactoring.
Sourcemaking Patterns Antipatterns and Refactoring

Well thought out and with lot of common sense.
Especially, Death-by-planning AntiPattern is very good read.

If you are into Software project management please read more of Antipatterns.This give good insights on common project management pitfalls.

if you are a programmer,designer then Patterns and Refactoring is for you. It somewhat resembles Design patterns by Eric Gamma et al.

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Jan 20 2008

Good Hosts for hosting your Website

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This is long overdue post 🙂

I have been hosting sites for past 3 years and have tried several web hosting providers and finally settled down to Nearlyfreespeech for shared hosting and imountain for VPS. is probably one of the best shared host you can find in the market. They are purely Pay-for-what -you-use kind of host. No fixed monthly fees. Stability is very good and have a very active support forum. This site is hosted with is probably one of the best VPS host. They are priced slightly higher than the market but you can get at least 30% discount if you take up the offer from . Very high quality machines and they have a policy of 10 accounts per machine. The database server, mail server, dns server run on a dedicated machine and not on your VPS partition. So your VPS is always blazing fast and memory consumption is very low. Support is very quick. Normally your questions get answered in 10-15 mins. i have hosted my django webframe work with this host.

Other hosts i have tried are listed below and i briefly mention what i like and dont like about them

1) Globat. Horrible Host. This was my first host and i was naive at that time. I went for large disk space at that time. It was 2.5 Gig storage. I was with them for one year as i had already paid for a year. I was not able to run any scripts that executes beyond 5 seconds. Server was down several times and slow.

2) asmallorange: Good host but storage was very low. But most of the time email from their server were identified as spams. After several tries with their tech support i gave up.

3) 1and1. Very stable and large host. They provided ample storage space. But you cant execute any scripts that run longer than 10 secs. So i could not run any of image gallery. I was with this host for one and half years and gave up as my requirements changed.

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