Feb 18 2007


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Do you want to Know about me?

Ok Here you Go!!

I am Sivalingam a native of India who migrated to the beautiful city of Singapore in the past decade..

My Education

I have a Bachelors in Production Engineering and Masters in Mechanical Engineering and other Masters in Embedded Systems. I did my Bachelors in India at MCE and Masters in Singapore at NUS.

My Profession

I am by profession a R&D Project Manager. Mostly working in the Embedded systems domain.

My Hobbies

Well, the home page is all about my hobbies. I just keep exploring new software technologies and try it out. I have been doing this for quite sometime but never thought of sharing it with the world. Better late than never. Hence started to share my passion of exploring Software technologies. Very much fascinated by Web2. Poking around Linux and their cousins. Wifi Security, Web Hosting. Off late, photography is trying to gain my attention as well.

What else!!

Ofcourse married with two beautiful kids.

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    Hope the new job is going well.