Apr 14 2007

Visit To Yue Xie Park in GuangZhou

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Over the weekend i had opportunity to visit Yue Xie Park in Guangzhou, china. Guangzhou is one of the most polluted cities i have ever been to. The air was thick with particles and not healthy. When i went into this park it was a surprise break from the hectic city. The air was relatively clean and refreshing.

This park has three artificial lakes. Different kinds of boats are available for joy rides. But the most interesting thing about this park is a 5 storey building that was built in 13th century. This building architecture was fascinating. This building has been turned into an museum where the history of Guangzhou from 1 AD to present day goungzhou has been displayed. Some of the exhibits are amazing and very unique.

The first storey starts with the map of goungzhou city. The second storey exhibits traditions and objects of old china. It shows the trading culture that was practice in old china. I have taken quite a bit of photos and I will upload that in couple of days.

Anyone who visits gungZhou should visit this park.

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