Jan 31 2009

Eclipse and SVN

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If you like to know how to use SVN from Eclipse  refer to the following IBM developer link.  This article provide details on how to install subclipse ( SVN plug-in for eclipse) and create a new project. Also touches on deleting as well. This article assumes that you access your source repository over  http. But you can also access your repository over svn+ssh as well. So while you follow the article, replace http://… with the following if you have to access your repository over SVN+SSH:

svn+ssh://[email protected]_ip_address/path/to/repository

Let us assume that:

username = ben, host_ip_address=, repository path  = /home/ben/source

then you would enter

svn+ssh://[email protected]/home/ben/source

See the image below that show where to replace http:// with svn+shh://

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