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Jan 31 2009

Eclipse and SVN

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If you like to know how to use SVN from Eclipse  refer to the following IBM developer link.  This article provide details on how to install subclipse ( SVN plug-in for eclipse) and create a new project. Also touches on deleting as well. This article assumes that you access your source repository over  http. But you can also access your repository over svn+ssh as well. So while you follow the article, replace http://… with the following if you have to access your repository over SVN+SSH:

svn+ssh://[email protected]_ip_address/path/to/repository

Let us assume that:

username = ben, host_ip_address=, repository path  = /home/ben/source

then you would enter

svn+ssh://[email protected]/home/ben/source

See the image below that show where to replace http:// with svn+shh://

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Jan 18 2009

htpasswd executable for Nginx running on Debian

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You need htpasswd executable for enabling password protection in Nginx webserver. Mod_Auth is a core module of Nginx webserver. But it does not come with a htpasswd equivalent tool. Normally people use the htpasswd provided by Apache webserver. If you have not installed apache then chances are that you dont have these tool. I did not have this tool and my search on the internet did not yeild this executable.

So I am sharing the htpasswd executable that I  built on a Debian 4.1 (X86) machine. If you are unable to execute this  on your platform then you need to build from the source.  You can download Apache 2.2 source from this link, from which I built the htpasswd executable.

To build htpasswd executable.

Download and untar the Apache source.

cd httpd2.2.11/support ( htpasswd is in this directory )

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Jan 11 2009

Configuring Samba as a Home File-Server

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Samba is a very powerful software that can act as File-server & print-server using SMB/CIFS protocol. Here I describe a Home environment  and provide a appropriate Samba server configuration.


Samba is installed correctly and it execute with out issues.
Samba configuration file is located in /etc/samba
Samba Configuration file name is smb.conf ( This is the default )
Samba is installed on Debian Linux distribution. ( This should not matter much )

Description of the Mr Lingsiva’s Home Environment

  • A Linux server with huge disk-space
  • A Mac desktop system
  • A Windows XP desktop
  • Office Laptop that needs to work in both Office and Home environment
  • A DSL Internet from ISP. DSL model Cum wireless router acts as the firewall for Home Network
  • All these computers form a private network behind the firewall and Wifi security is enabled for wireless connections.

Samba File Server Requirements

  • A common folder accessible to all home computers and office laptop while operating under home profile.
  • A private folder for each of the family members
  • The common folder should be available only for the trusted systems. That is,
    the systems I identify as trusted. For example, if one of my friend
    visits my house and plugs his computer in my network, the common folder
    should not be accessible from his computer.
  • Private folder of User A should not be accessible by User B
  • Samba service is only available with in the private network and must not be accessible from the Internet.

Links to Refer

smb.conf File That Satisfies The Above Requirements

netbios name = squad
server string = Siva’s File Server
invalid users = backup,bin,daemon,games,gnats,irc,list,lp,mail,man,news,proxy,root,sshd,sync,
workgroup = HOME
os level = 34
valid users = @users

browseable = yes
comment = Common folder for family members
path = /path/to/directory
writeable = yes
force group = users
create mode = 770
directory mode = 770
browseable = no
read only = no

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